July 13th 2015 :
It's hot, it's beautiful, it's summer in Montreal! Summer is my favorite season and i'm getting busy with some new photoshoots and burlesque performances but also I decided to start making latex clothing again so future photoshoots should involve more of it (going back to my roots)!
In the meantime, you can enjoy a new set of photos I did with Jo Gorsky in some beautiful natural light.
For the lucky ones in Montreal this weekend, you can see me perform this Saturday at Speakeasy Burlesque for Heart Melt. It will be the last edition of Speakeasy burlesque at Le Rouge and I will be performing my newest act.
Stay tuned for more!

June 16th 2015 :
New season, new pictures, new shows! I just uploaded a set from my last shoot with Thierry Quenette for his new web magazine Muse . Although I have had some pretty good shoots with Thierry in the past, I must say that these pictures are by far my favorites with him! I can also announce that I will be debuting my brand new act Friday the 26th at Pink Pearl Party, and I will be performing at Speakeasy Burlesque on July 18th!
Stay tuned for more show dates coming this summer!

May 11th 2015 :
Spring has sprung and I just got back from Paris where I had the chance to perform with local and international performers! This season has been very busy for me and I am looking forward to the next shows. On May 15th I am producing the 5th edition of my own event Pink Pearl and on May 23th I am celebrating my Birthday with the Saint & Sinners show at The Wiggle Room. Officially my birthday is May 19th but I like to celebrate for a whole week! Saints & Sinners will feature some of my favorite burlesquers in the city and I will be headlining!
Followed by that will be my circus act performed at Le Belmont on May 28 for the launch of the music video
Circus Girl by Café Racer.
On another note, you can find in my portfolio a new set of pictures I shot with the talented Kelly Jacob in the boudoir of Atame wearing my Agent Provocateur Soirée Collection lingerie. Hope you like it!

April 9th 2015 :
Very excited to be performing in Europe for the first time next month! On May 2nd I will be on stage in Paris for the Wunder M. I am also planning to book a couple shoots while i'm there!
Until then I will be featured in a few shows here in Montreal and working on some great new projets. Other than that I just uploaded a set of pictures I shot in my room in Miami. I had such a blast there and I hope to go back to this beautiful city of fun.
With all my love,

March 25th 2015 :
I am pleased to announce that I will be headlining at The Wiggle Room on April 4th! I am also performing
at Atame - Restaurant Aphrodisiaque Saturday the 28th, doing a special performance at Club Peopl on April 29th and at Le Rouge Bar on April 25th. Many more dates to announce but for now I'll leave you to a new set of lingerie pictures shot by Kelly Jacob in my portfolio.
Kisses 'till next time!

March 2nd 2015 :
Waiting patiently for spring while I work on some major projects for this year. I can't tell too much yet but I can say that i'm getting a new costume designed by Manuge et toi!
I know I've been doing less and less latex photoshoots lately, turning to my love of fine lingerie, but I thought you could appreciate a little throwback of this pastel pink latex catsuit and sheer gloves made by HW Designs that I shot at Bianca Beauchamp's house and if you're patient enough, you will get to see more pictures of the sexy Bianca and I.
I also uploaded a set with Jo Gorsky in one of my favorite Agent Provocateur set.
Stay tuned, there is still so much more to come...

January 30th 2015 :
Great news! I am performing in Miami next week. Escaping Montreal's winter to go spend a week on the beach. When I get back I'll be performing on the 13th and 14th at the Montreal Casino for Valentine's day.
If, like me, you are looking for some heat in the heart of this cold winter, check out my photos for a new hot
set by Jean-Philip Zi in the somptuous decor of Atame - Restaurant Aphrodisiaque. Hope you like it!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I'm kicking off the first month of 2015 with a photoshoot with my old friend Jo Gorsky and a few performances. On January 10th i'll be part of a great show at Lion d'Or produced by Le Tassel d'Or. On January 17th I'm back at The Wiggle Room for an all white themed night and I will be performing my latest new act! Right now I just uploaded a new set of pictures taken during my shoot with Micheal Andrews featuring the beautiful Joanie. Enjoy!
Madria xxx

December 17th 2014 :
Had an amazing time shooting with killer photographer Kelly Jacob and some pictures are now up in my portfolio!
I just love the vibrant colors in kelly's work...Hope you will like them too! I also uploaded my brand new showreel in my Videos. This video features some of my best work over the last three years.
Besides that, I am now getting ready for the holidays so if you want to celebrate with me and watch me perform I'll be at Atame - Restaurant Aphrodisiaque on December 31st with some of my favorite showgirls and friends!
Otherwise, I want to take the time to wish you happy holidays and I look forward to share more of my art with you in the new year !!!
With all my love,

November 25th 2014 :
Just uploaded the full live performance of my newest act in my Videos. This show was filmed at the last Montreal Burlesque Festival, the city's biggest burlesque event of the year!
On another note, I will be performing on Friday the 5th at Atame - Restaurant Aphrodisiaque for a special event. Lingerie & Sucreries , will not only feature a great lineup of burlesque performances but it will also be the birthday celebration of a great friend of mine, the owner of Atame Aphrodisiacs himself! Atame is the only restaurant in Montreal that constantly offers sexy events and supports the burlesque community by having weekly burlesque performances.
As I am getting ready for my next show, you may enjoy in my portfolio some new steamy pictures, shot in duo with Joanie by my old friend Micheal Andrews.
Love always,

October 19th 2014 :
Had a blast performing at the Montreal Burlesque Festival last night, but the weekend is certainly not over!
Tonight I'm doing three acts at Atame - Restaurant Aphrodisiaque with my beautiful friend Lavender May.
Also, on Sunday I am proud to be performing in pink to raise money for breast cancer at Suite 701 in Old Montreal.
More shows to come, it is a busy month filled with great events to perform at, but for now, i'll just leave you with a new set of pictures shot by Jo Gorsky. I can honnestly say that this shoot is one of my favorites!
Madria xxx

October 2nd 2014 :
I LOVE FALL! Although I much prefer the heat of summer, there's something I adore about the colors and the smell of autumn. It's also a season where I get to perform my Dark Queen act a lot, because of the Halloween vibe!
This Saturday, at The Wiggle Room my Dark Queen is coming back to life after a year of hiding in her castle.
On the 17th, I'll be doing my newest act at Montreal's Burlesque Festival! All these shows are gonna be indredible and filled with amazing artists so I can't wait and if you're in Montreal you should definitely not miss them!
Besides that, I'm leaving you with the last bit of summer I can give, with some pictures I shot on a beautiful rooftop terrace with my dear friend Jo Gorsky .
Hope you like them!

September 12th 2014 :
Had a beautiful summer filled with new sexy photoshoots and performances amongst many other wonderful things! It went by so fast but I'm currently working hard on catching up with the updates of my portfolio and whole website! As for performances, on September 20th you can catch me at Atame - Restaurant Aphrodisiaque and on the 26th at Element 60's, where I will be performing my new act at a fundraiser for the multiple sclerosis society of Canada. Much more coming but for now you can follow me on my Instagram or Facebook.
Ciao for now,
Madria xxx

June 17th 2014 :
I know it’s been a long time since I’ve updated my journal but I was kept busy with weekly performances, mainly at Atame : Aphrodisiac Restaurant and The Wiggle Room. I also had the opportunity to do a few photoshoots that will be up in my gallery very soon. For now I am posting a set I shot with my friend Frank Lam not long ago. Summer is just around the corner and I hope yours will be filled with sensuality and beauty. If not, you can always come see my pictures or attend to one of my shows! ;)
Lots of Love

February 9th 2014 :
It's been a while ! I wish I could have updated my journal sooner but I have been so busy with my studies as well as with performing! I've been getting so many Burlesque bookings lately it's amazing!!!
You can see me perform regurlarly here in Montreal at The Wiggle Room, our unique Burlesque cabaret club (next show there is on Feb.15th) and also at Atame, an exquisite aphrodisiac restaurant. Besides that you can catch me on Valentine's day at Cirque de Boudoir's Pinup Valentine event. I am looking forward to these events but also to have more free time so that I can organize new photoshoots with my favorite photographers and maybe a couple new ones! In the meantime, you can enjoy some new pictures in my portfolio with the sensual vixen Bianca Beauchamp, as well as "Lazy Sunday", a more natural set from my shoot with Belgium photographer Mehdy Nasser while he was in Montreal.

December 14th 2013 :
Today i'm taking a little roadtrip with my dear friend Lavender May to go perform in Quebec City.
We will be bump and grinding at Charlotte Ultra Lounge tonight as well as the 28th of December!
I will also gladly be performing on December 20th for the second time at The Wiggle Room doing my most recent act. On another note, I just uploaded in my portfolio my favorite shot from the shoot with Mehdy Nasser. More pictures coming soon with a more Fetish taste !
Besides that I want to take the time to wish you some great holidays and thank you for your interest in my art and passion.

November 22 2013 :
The year is coming to an end and I have quite a few shows planned before we reach 2014 ! First Saturday the 30th will be my very first appearance at The Wiggle Room, followed by Montreal's most important Burlesque event of the year on December 7th : The Burlesque Festival.
On December 14 and 28 I am performing in beautiful Quebec city and on December 20th I will be at The Wiggle Room again for a very special night...
I am super excited and of course I am also planning to do a few shoots during this time.
You can now enjoy in my photo gallery the results of the shoot I did at the Royal Suite of the prestigious St-James Hotel with Jo Gorsky. Coming next : more photos with Belgium photographer Mehdy Nasser as well as the photos I did with Bianca Beauchamp.


November 7th 2013 :
Hope everyone had a terrific Halloween! I had a blast performing my Dark Queen act at Carnaval de l'horreur and at the Underworld Cabaret for Halloween events.
I am now getting ready for the biggest Burlesque event of the year in Montreal : The Burlesque Festival.
On December 7th, I will be performing on a live band at the festival!
More great news : I have also been booked for the opening of a new night at Montreal's unique Burlesque Cabaret The Wiggle Room. More details to come soon !!
Yours truly,

October 1st 2013 :
So with Halloween approching I thought it was perfect to post the video of my Dark Queen performance ! I will be performing this act again the very night of Halloween at Carnaval de l'horreur with my lovely ladies Lavender May and Wild Ivory . I will also be performing my Circus act on October 26 at Chateau Champlain for Le Grand Spectacle Speakeasy Burlesque.
I am very excited to do this number again as it's been over a year since the last time. It has a lot of significance to me as I consider it my first official solo burlesque act and I have worked really hard on it.
For all the big burlesque fans, I can also announce that I will be part for the first time this year of the Montreal Burlesque Festival on December 7th. Don't miss it!
On another note, you may notice that I have updated my whole photo gallery. I hope you like it!
Come back for new photos ;)
Madria xxx

September 13 2013 :
Tomorrow night I get the honour of performing my newest act Big Spender at the great historical Lion D'Or for Cirque de Boudoir's 7th anniversary in a 1920's style. I am really excited to share the stage once again with some of the best Burlesque performers of Montreal : The Lady Josephine, Lavender May and Mimi Cherry. See all the details about this promising event in this amazing revue published by Indecent Xposure
I am also excited to perform this act once again with the amazing Speakeasy Burlesque crew on September 23.

August 26 2013 :
This beautiful Summer is getting close to an end and I am so proud of everything I have accomplished during these past few months and ready for what is coming next!
Tomorrow I will be starring in a Music Video of UK band The Traps.
I already have several shows booked for this autumn starting on September 14th at my favorite venue to perform : Le Lion D'Or. Cirque de Boudoir is having their 7th anniversary party on that night so they are throwing a Prohibition themed party. I'm so inspired by this theme and I can't wait.
I will also be performing on September 23rd with my Speakeasy Burlesque crew at L'Abreuvoir. More dates to come for October, November and December so stand by if you would like see me perform at those great events. To know about all of the upcoming burlesque shows in Montreal don't forget to check out burlesqueshowsmontreal.com.

August 20 2013 :
A new set in my portfolio of a shoot I did with my friend Marisa Parisella who also owns the Pinup Parties Boutique that carries my summer collection of Madria Latex.
More new stuff : See my profile on Burlesque Shows Montreal . com for my complete bio as a Burlesque artist as well as performance pictures and the video of my Dark Queen act in exclusivity.

Madria xxxx

August 8 2013 :
A new performance video to be seen in the new Video Section ! This video of Latex Lust was captured as it was performed for the first time in Montreal after its premiere at the New-York Rubber Ball.
My outfit is a made-to-measure Madria Latex that I specifically designed for this act!
Hope you will all enjoy this slippery performance video!

August 2nd 2013 :
Taking a fresh start with a whole new section on my website dedicated to videos of my performances!
As of now you can enjoy my Show Reel as well as the full show of my Flower act and a teaser of the Epicurean.
Also many new pictures coming after the three great photoshoots I had in the past few weeks including one with the International Queen of Latex : Bianca Beauchamp!
Although my shoot with Bianca reveals very little skin (for it is covered in sexy thin rubber catsuits), my two other photoshoots are all about lingerie and glamour, making sure everyone will be pleased! Stick around for new photos as well as new videos coming very soon... ;)

June 22 2013 :
July is just around the corner and there will be lots of performances! First you can catch me on July 1st at L'Abreuvoir and later on July 16, 17, 18, 20, 23, 24 and 26 I will be performing for Zoofest
I'm looking forward to all of these shows but I am also looking forward to start shooting again.
In the last year I've put aside my modelling career to work on my Burlesque performances and it was an amazing year but I plan on beeing back with some new photos soon!
Right now you can find in my portfolio a new edition of my snake photoshoot with Robert Gilbert. We did this shoot exactly 3 years ago but Bob just recently dug up these oldies to edit them and I think they are kickass! I hope you will like them as much as I do. Also as a bonus I'm giving you one picture in higher resolution.

May 7th 2013 :
Getting ready for a beautiful and busy summer! Lots of shows coming starting with the next Speakeasy Burlesque on May 20th! I am looking much forward to this one since I will be celebrating my Birthday and doing a new performance! Following this will be Zoofest in July where I will be performing 7 nights ! More to come for this summer that will be revealed soon.
Madria xxx

April 10th 2013 :
Just got back from New York where I performed at the annual NY Rubber Ball! I had a blast and met amazing new people from around the world.
I am getting ready for a hot summer filled with new projects but for now I just uploaded in my portfolio pictures from my shoot with the amazing Marcelo Troche for my own Latex line : Madria Latex.
More to come so stick around! ;)

Febuary 23rd 2013 :
Amazing News : I will be performing in New York City for the NY Rubber Ball on April 6th! I am looking forward to this event where I'll be participating in the International contest Miss Rubber World. Moreover, Madria Latex is one of the event's sponsors! If you would like to get your hands on one of my latex designs, My Etsy store is finally up & running so have a look : Madria Latex on Etsy
I am also looking forward to perform a new act on Monday March 4th at Speakeasy Burlesque for their Tiki special night! So many big things coming, stay tuned!

January 23rd 2013 :
Lots of big projects and contracts have come my way for the new year and I honnestly don't think I could be more pleased! Due to all these wonderful projects, please note that I won't be taking any more bookings until the month of May 2013. More details to come soon. If you missed my last performance at Speakeasy Burlesque you can watch the Teaser here : The Epicurean : A Marie-Antoinette Tribute
Also, new pictures will be up very soon in my portfolio so come back soon!
Madria xxx

December 18th 2012 :
Just uploaded a Positively Provocative set by the genious Philip Faith. Hope you enjoy this dark and sensual shoot. This was my first time working with Philip but we enjoyed ourselves so much I don't think it will be the last one!
I also very much enjoyed performing again for Speakeasy Burlesque last week and the next one is already planned for March 4 where I'll have the pleasure to perform another new act. Meanwhile, I am preparing a teaser of my latest show The Epicurean for those who didn't get to see it. I certainly hope I'll get to perform it again soon! Since I am getting more involved in the Burlesque scene I am glad to announce that I will have a new section on my website for performances!

Much Love,

December 10th 2012 :
Tonight I have the chance to perform for the second time at Speakeasy Burlesque. The theme for this special edition is Marie-Antoinette and so I am performing my new act entitled The Epicurean
. It is common knowledge that Marie-Antoinette was one of the biggest epicurean of the history. From refined garments to delicious desserts and from shinny diamonds to champagne in abundance, she loved nothing more than pleasure itself (As do I!). In this performance I present the most sensual and hedonistic side of this Queen of France.
Amazing performer Miss Lavender May will also be doing a sexy act wearing a special Latex outfit that I made for her.
On another note, I had a great photoshoot recently so new pictures are coming soon!

November 26th 2012 :
New pictures by Jean-Philip Zi in my portfolio! These two last sets (law of Attraction
& Strawberry Flavor ) were executed with the team work of fabulous people for the ad campaign of the Monde Osé Bal Érotique. I styled and directed the whole shoot in addition of modeling, while Makeup Artist Sophie Brassard from Toxic Makeups and Hair Stylist Louise Olsen worked their magic! And who better to capture magic than the great Zi! I was also very happy to collaborate for the first time with a male model. And not just any male model: Nigel was amazing, handsome, professional and was a blast to work with!
We are already thinking about our next photoshoot together...
Until then, Enjoy these new steamy hot pictures !

September 9th 2012 :
Just posted a new set by the talented Jean-Philip Zi. The Swan is a soft and delicate set and reminds me of vintage pictures of classic beauties such as Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn. I love Audrey Hepburn, she has always been a big inspiration for me! Also I have decided to refresh the headers of the website with my newest pictures,
hope you like them !
Keep an eye on the new stuff coming, I will keep your hearts warm for the cold season coming !!

August 18th 2012 :
New pictures by Marc Dussault and Thierry Quenette are up! In Bejeweled, i'm wearing another fabulous necklace from Trashed Creations. The set Steam Room
features a Latex Bikini from the Summer Collection of Madria Latex. Don't forget to take a look at my Latex Line here : Madria Latex
Also I will be performing for the 3rd anniversary of L'Abreuvoir on Sunday August 26th for the Speakeasy Burlesque troup ! Exciting !! Now stay around for new pictures of Jean-Philip Zi coming soon in my gallery ;)

Madria xxx

June 25th 2012 :
On Friday July 13th I will be launching the second collection of my own Latex Line : Madria Latex!
If you would like to know more about my latex line, follow this link : Madria Latex

I have just put up in my portfolio two first parts of a great new editorial shoot by Jean-Philip Zi. In this photoshoot, we aimed to capture the beauty of Egyptian Queen Cleopatra adding our little modern glamourous twist. Featured in this photoshoot are the beautiful jewelry of Trashed Creations as well as Thisilk.
Enjoy ;)

April 10th 2012 :
I will be performing all weekend on April 20-22 for Le Salon de L'Amour et de la Seduction in Quebec City! Getting ready to perform my circus burlesque act in front of the biggest crowd ever ! Also many new photoshoots to come in my gallery. I hope you all enjoy my new daring set done with Jean-Philip Zi inspired by the work of glamour photographer Simon Bolz!
Madria xxx

Saturday December 8th 2011 :
On Thursday December 15th I will be performing to raise funds for Sex Education Programing. Sex Education is very important. The minimal sex education classes that schools used to offer have now been removed, leaving the children and teenagers with very little, to absolutely no knowledge. Schools are not comfortable enough to provide healthy sex education and neither are most parents!
That is why we need to step up and offer quality Sex Education Programs to the youth. A great lineup of entertainment is planned to make this event an amazing one! All infos at : Sexual Health Network of Quebec.
I will be presenting a brand new sexy Burlesque Performance with a vintage circus theme.

Support sex education !
Madria xxx

Saturday November 12th 2011 :
This week I had another awesome photoshoot with Thierry Quenette featuring an amazing necklace from Trashed Creations. You can see in my gallery my previous set with Thierry entitled Dulce Y Fatal which means Sweet and Fatal in Spanish. I thought this title represented well this classic black and white nude photoshoot , and it also represents me well in general!
More good news : I will be performing on December 15th for a charity event with a great cause : Sex Education.
More details soon but until then, new sets of pictures to come in my gallery so keep watching!

Big kisses,
Madria xxx

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